Crowds are way thinner in this town and one thing you will like about Zurich is that it is not as busy as many other popular European cities (like Amsterdam or Paris).

For one thing, Zurich can be a bit pricey, from its restaurants to its mass transit system. And it’s a quiet little town with none too many venues that have been prominently featured in any famous Hollywood movie for it to attract a swarm of tourists.

That said, it is filled with lots of simple pleasures, such as strolling (or swimming) along the lovely Limmat River, hiking the nearby mountains, exploring its many art museums and walking down its (relatively short) shopping street, the famous Bahnhofstrasse.

In other words, there’s enough to do that you won’t get bored and it’s not crammed to the gills with famous attractions that you feel pressured to do a lot of things during your trip.

There are no must-see places to see that you have to check off your list (a) unless you’re a die-hard art fan which means that you have to make a pilgrimage to Cabaret Voltaire, which is where the Dadaist art movement was founded or (b) an architectural or furniture design junkie in which case you will have to go to The Pavillon Le Corbusier, which is a museum dedicated to the work of the famed Swiss architect.

Walk down one of Europe’s most elegant shopping streets

The Bahnhofstrasse is in Zürich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s priciest shopping thoroughfares.

A 2011 study named it the most expensive street for retail property in Europe and the third most expensive in the world.

There is something for everyone, from Zara to Chanel and Tissot to Bulgari.

And it is not a very long shopping street like say, Strøget St. in Copenhagen (which at 1.1 km is one of Europe’s longest pedestrian-only shopping streets).

You can be done in less than 2 hours at the Bahnhofstrasse and it’s just the right amount of retail, especially if you don’t have a lot of time and want to sample what else the city has on offer (like the Kunsthaus, which is Switzerland’s largest and most important art museum).

Have a nice meal at Lindst & Sprungli after a long day of shopping

If you’d like to go where Zurich’s elite goes to have a relaxed and unhurried lunch or afternoon snack, the best place to visit is the nearly 200-year-old Sprüngli Café and Restaurant located in the heart of the city across from the Paradeplatz square.

A favourite meeting place of the city’s moneyed class (not a surprise given that UBS and the Credit Suisse Group both have their headquarters nearby), you’ll enjoy the quiet and elegant surroundings as well as the delicious cakes, chocolate, ice cream and exquisite coffee on offer.

The company was founded in 1836 by David Sprüngli, who bought a confectioner’s shop and started making chocolates.

By 1892, the chocolate-producing branch of the business was spun off and became what is known as Lindt & Sprüngli, or simply Lindt.

It is one of the things that people know Switzerland for (apart from fine swiss watches and highly secretive banks).

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