Artist and ad agency owner Rico Lascano is one busy painter.

Not only has he been exhibiting his work extensively outside the Philippines, especially before the pandemic, but his abstract pieces have also been acquired by such notable clients as the Kwoks (the family behind the Shangri-La chain of hotels).

The Central Bank of the Philippines, ‘Miss Saigon’ and ‘Les Miserables’ producer Claude-Michel Schönberg, and Filipino starchitects Budji Layug and Ramon Antonio, just to name a few.

I met Rico when he came to Vancouver to show his work at Lenore R.S. Lim’s bi-annual ‘Pagtitipon’ (Filipino for ‘gathering’) exhibit at the Roundhouse Community Centre in the city’s Yaletown district.

I also had the chance to meet his equally talented wife, Chachu, who herself is an accomplished and in-demand industrial designer in Manila.

I also got to see why his work is very much sought after: they all have this ethereal quality that makes them very suitable in an ultramodern or classically-styled house.

You can spend hours looking at a Lascano painting and have it move you in a way that no other piece of art does as a result of its delicate and almost fragile quality.

Rico’s work escapes easy definition but it has clearly struck a chord among some of the world’s wealthiest and most distinguished collectors.

If you’re looking to add some abstract art to your collection, you can start by acquiring two or three of his smaller (12″ in. x 18″ in.) paintings from his “Satori” series – or one of his slightly larger pieces (23″ in x 31″ in) pictured above called ‘Untitled‘ – to go over your living room couch or master bedroom headboard before his prices go into the stratosphere.