Do you want to create a home interior that is unique and personal?

Welcome to the world of eclectic interiors. In this issue, you’ll discover how to set up your space so that you can show the world exactly who you are in a way that’s new and exciting.

Combine graphic prints & rough textures with neutral backgrounds & smooth finishes to energize your space

Want to create a subtle and sophisticated interior that feels relaxed and comfortable at the same time?

Mix patterned (and textured) materials with plain (and smooth) surfaces.

Note how the simple white furniture and a herringbone-pattern tiled fireplace in the space shown below provide a quiet backdrop for the richly textured storage baskets, rough-hewn coffee table, and embroidered ottoman pouf, and a pile of white birch logs.

Another non-colour similar to white is black.

In this case, it’s used as a strong counterpoint to all the light-coloured materials via the steel bookcase, dark grey fireplace wall, ethereal basket pendants, marble bust over the mantel, and the geometric patterns of the throw pillows & area rug.

If you prefer something less subtle, you can combine ikat, leopard print and a mosaic tile pattern against a primary blue, red, and gold colour combo like in the bedroom pictured above.

Mix contrasting shapes, colours, and historical eras to create an elegant look

Combining straight lines and circular shapes is one of the simplest and most powerful ways to create an eclectic look with a huge ‘wow’ factor.

It’s hard to define what time period this room pictured below occupies as the earthy shades of dark teal and terra cotta (which are offset against soothing whites and light maple hues) and complete absence of upholstery pattern help this space defy trends or easy categorization.

The room itself has classic lines, with its traditional wall trim and herringbone-patterned floor, which were first introduced in stately Parisian homes in the 1600s.

The 1940s-style sofa, 1970s-era  swivelling barrel armchair, 1980s Memphis-design era coffee table, and Mid-century cone-shaped pendant all interact to create a striking interior that feels timeless and fresh.

There’s just a hint of pattern going on via the light marble veining on the coffee table, random splashes of brown on the area rug, and subtle colour gradations on the earthenware vase atop the black console table.

But they’re all introduced so very quietly and discreetly that you almost miss seeing these tiny little details.

This room is a master class on how to create a tranquil space that packs a huge visual punch just by using opposing shapes and dramatic colour combinations.

home interior

home interior

Hang a wide variety of art pieces to create a visually arresting interior

One of the interesting things that can happen when you assemble a collection of different visual pieces is that your space becomes a small art gallery, albeit one that is very personal and unique.

Mix black and white photos of places you’ve travelled to with vintage mirrors to add sparkle.

And then throw in some abstract paintings done in acrylic with some landscape art created in watercolour.

Include some line drawings of female nudes and mixed-media pieces for good measure.

Make sure to mix up various types of subject matter with different art mediums like paper, canvas, wood and glass-like in the photo below.

You’re also allowed to hang framed artwork with unframed pieces.

The more varied the subject, size, material, and artistic technique used in your collection, the more interesting your space becomes.

Not feeling confident on how to select – or hang – art?

Call us at (604) 321-8008 to show you how to gather memorable pieces and put them all together.

home interior

home interior

Mix metals and decorating styles to add glamour and sparkle

Most beginner courses in interior design will teach you that coordinating similar metals (black with black or silver with silver for example) is the easiest way to make various design elements flow seamlessly.

Once you’ve mastered this basic rule, it’s time to step up to a high-wire act of combining different types of finishes and decorating styles.

The space shown below combines some rustic American farmhouse-style features, with its butcher-block countertops, clear glass pendants, and rustic wide-plank floorboards, together with some exotic Turkish design elements, like hammered steel pendants, Moorish-patterned ceramic tiles, and black-and-gold counter stools.

There are 3 different metal colours that were used in this space…which doesn’t always work.

Typically, that would be a disastrous design decision, except in the kitchen below it’s been seamlessly executed with confidence & panache.

You may want to consult with a professional interior designer before trying this on your own as it’s very easy to mess up an eclectic interior if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing.

home interior

home interior

Showcase different global cultures, including your own

Mixing Eastern and Western influences are one of the most visually interesting things you can do.

Showcasing bits and pieces of your own personal history is a great conversation starter with guests who come and visit your home.

The space shown below has a distinctly Indian flavour from the armless wooden statue, latticework bookcase, rattan dining chairs, bone-inlaid side table, and cylindrical floor cushion.

Incorporating these exotic South Asian elements with a Western-style wing chair, iron ceiling pendant fixture, dark-coloured farmhouse dining table, and chevron-patterned curtain (and armchair) creates an interesting visual dynamic that seamlessly works together in the interior pictured below as it will in your own space.

home interior

home interior

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