What better way to avoid crowded places and stay safe than to entertain at home, especially on your own private patio now that the glorious spring weather is here again.

If you’re thinking of getting some new outdoor furniture (or a custom outdoor kitchen) read on to discover your options.

Select pieces that will last

Heat and cold temperatures can be hard on your outdoor furniture (not to mention rain and snow) which is why durability should be your most important consideration.

Keep in mind that powder-coated metal furniture combined with performance-oriented cushion fabrics from Sunbrella (like the one pictured below) will be a good investment.

Teak wood furniture (like the one pictured above) is also quite durable except keep in mind that the wood colour will change over time and turn into a kind of ash-grey hue.

Plastic furniture (the type that Home Depot or Canadian Tire sells) is certainly a cost-effective option, except the furniture colour will fade faster and the material will get brittle more easily with continuous exposure to the elements.

Buying outdoor furniture covers will certainly help prolong the life of your stuff so that is one thing to consider.

Get a designer to help you create an optimal layout and give you several options at varying price points

Have your designer carefully measure your space to find out what size of furniture will fit into your space.

And then have him or her figure out whether your patio will accommodate a sectional or just some loose pieces of furniture, especially if you don’t have a lot of room (such as in a small condo balcony).

European-made outdoor furniture tends to be the most expensive and will last you a long time.

North American-made furniture is also well-made but priced a lot less expensively (sometimes half the cost of European furniture in some cases).

And then mass-produced furniture from Asia sold at big-box stores tends to be the least expensive, except they generally don’t last as long.

How to install a Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Quickly and Cost-Effectively

It used to be that design professionals would create a rustic-looking outdoor kitchen (similar to the one pictured above) for clients from scratch.

It was a very time-consuming and also expensive process since every kitchen is unique.

These days, there are easier and less pricey alternatives like the one made by Urban Bonfire pictured below.

Not only are their kitchens more modern, but the powder-coated aluminum cabinets and quartz countertop also make this type of outdoor product a much more durable and cost-effective option.

And shipping times are going to be much faster since these are modular units that are manufactured quickly and then simply put together on-site like a jigsaw puzzle.

Know someone that wants to invest in a durable and modern outdoor kitchen?

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