Thinking of freshening up your 20-year-old kitchen and not sure what to do? Here are the newest (and classic) kitchen design trends this year.

Painted shaker-style cabinets

There has been renewed interest in things from the past that remind us of sunnier (i.e., pre-pandemic) times like vintage fashion, heritage-style houses and retro furniture.

Consequently, shaker-style cabinets have been as popular as ever, except now we’re seeing an exciting twist: to paint them in colours other than white.

For those who want a colour that won’t get dated too quickly, a safe bet is to go classic grey (like in the photo below) and use plain old-fashioned subway tile, which never seems to go out of style.

Or you can do what other adventurous souls are doing, using bright jewel-tone colours like blue (see above).

kitchen design trend

Vintage appliances, range hoods & pendant lights

Several people have been trading their modern Wolf or Thermador ranges for appliances that have a lot of character and feel more at home in a centuries-old Italian or French countryside house.

These vintage-style hoods and gas range from Elmira, Tecnogas or Big Chill have been increasingly popular in residential spaces lately as they can be an excellent reminder of your memorable holiday with your family in that Tuscan villa that you rented one summer.

And these appliances somehow feel timeless and reassuring, like a familiar old sweater you love to wear whenever it gets chilly.

Faux marble countertops & backsplashes

Another big piece of news in kitchens is that marble has become more affordable and easier to maintain.

A big reason for this is that we’re not using marble.

We’re using Calacatta Gold quartz that looks and feels like marble, and this material’s price has decreased dramatically over the years since it was introduced.

This is why we can now use them as tiles or full slabs without any joints or seams.

And the good part is that quartz material doesn’t stain or burn as quickly as marble making it ideal for durability and maintenance and looking like a million bucks.

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