(Best Practices) How to Make the Most out of Your First Meeting with an Interior Designer


Is it your first time dealing with a designer that you’ve just been referred to? If you’re coming unprepared, then you could be wasting a big opportunity. Here’s how to ready yourself to meet an interior designer for the first time.

First, check out their portfolio online. See if this interior designer’s work resonates with you or not. Second, check out testimonials on their website (or on Google) or read magazine articles written about them. They may do good interior design work, but they may not be easy to deal with. There’s nothing worse than someone who’s a creative genius but also bad at listening or someone with poor (or no) people skills.

Third, gather images of spaces that you like and bring these to the meeting. Keep in mind that these people aren’t mind readers. They may be one of the best interior design companies in Vancouver, but you’ll make their lives easier by giving them some direction from the start and not forcing them to guess your likes & dislikes.

Lastly, see if you like them when you meet them in person. You need to be comfortable working with this person that you’re about to hire.