After having returned to Munich you may want to visit one of the city’s most popular restaurants for a hearty meal…

Try the Ratskeller Restaurant in Munich

Opened on August 1, 1874, the Ratskeller Restaurant is located in the cellar of the ‘new’ town hall (‘Neues Rathaus’) in Marienplatz.

As you descend the staircase that leads into the six cross-vaults that house the restaurant, you’ll feel like you’ve entered a cave of wonders.

Designed in a neo-gothic style, the place just positively reeks of atmosphere, so much so that you half-expect Harry Potter and his Hogwarts crew to magically appear out of thin air and sit at a table next to you.

Ratskeller features really tasty traditional Bavarian cuisine, a good choice of German beers (or wine if you so prefer) and efficient service.

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