Have you been wondering how to sell your homes or help a client sell their homes at a high price point? Here are four things you should avoid selling yourself short in a hot real estate market.

Make Sure Your Kitchen Is Updated

If your kitchen seems like it’s seen better days, ask an interior designer to come over and see if he or she can help you refresh your kitchen.

You can either do a complete overhaul, which involves tearing out (and replacing) all your old cabinets, countertops, floor&wall tiles, and appliances.

Or it can just be a cosmetic refresh, which is a less expensive (and faster) process and only involves changing doors, hardware, and countertops and keeping the original cabinet frame onto which doors are hung and drawer fronts are fitted.

Budget between $ 70k – $ 120k for a full-blown kitchen renovation and $ 30k – $35k (or half the cost for a full renovation) for a light cosmetic refresh.

Facelift your bathroom(s)

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the second thing that people inspect to decide if they will offer you more (or less) money for your home.

Keep in mind that people generally try to avoid doing updates to a house themselves if they can help it. Your doing this on their behalf allows you to:

  1. sell your home at a much higher price
  2. faster and
  3. reduce any seller’s objections.

Most bathroom renovations merely involve changing floor and wall tiles and replacing vanity cabinets, countertops and mirrors, whilst keeping your existing toilet and bathtub, enabling you to save money paying expensive plumbing (and permitting) fees.

It’s still going to cost you $ 22k or more, but given the cost of property these days that’s a small price to pay to attract higher offers from buyers.

Replace tired old floors

There’s nothing that says ‘dated’ more than 15 or 20-year-old floors that are falling apart or worn out.

Bathrooms and kitchen floors will always look better with new ceramic tiles and freshly-applied grout, as dirty old grout and worn-out tile can be a really huge turnoff.

Homes that are still covered in carpet need a serious rethink as most people no longer have the time, energy or inclination to vacuum carpets (i.e., cleaning hardwood or laminate floors with a Swiffer® dust cloth is way easier) or have their allergies triggered by the dust mites that easily hide in carpet.

Hardwood is still king, followed by laminate.

Vinyl floors are best used for basements. People still aren’t as used to them and they won’t be impressed if you brag that you just replaced all your floors with ‘luxury vinyl’ (an oxymoron, really).

Vinyl – which still suffers from an image problem – is still generally considered a low-grade material compared to hardwood or even laminate floors.

Get better-looking furniture, art, and accessories

If you’d like to get a higher offer for your property, make sure that it’s fully (and nicely) furnished as it’s been found that empty spaces (like in the first photo below) tend to sit on the market longer.

And if you’re going to showcase your home fully furnished, make sure that you hire a seasoned pro to help you do a design makeover to help you turn your home into a space that’s more desirable to buyers (refer to before & after images below).

Want to get $ 95k over your selling price? A report from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) says that hiring an interior designer can increase offer prices by as much as 5%.

With single-detached homes going for $ 2M or more in Vancouver – and 2-bedroom condos going for $ 1M and higher – you may want to seriously consider getting a professional makeover to get a $ 100k premium in the case of a house (or $ 50k extra for a condo).

Know of anyone thinking of refreshing their kitchen or bathroom, doing a professional makeover to increase their resale value or simply enhancing their own level of enjoyment?

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