The Vancouver Sun – “Assisted living gets new meaning when designer helps resident, 88”

It’s not every day that a designer receives a commission from a resident of a seniors’ home.

Lily Palacio, 88, resides in an assisted-living suite in the new Honoria Conway residence on the grounds of the former St. Vincent’s Hospital on Heather Street in Vancouver.

She had one request of George Verdolaga of Flowform Design Group, he reports: ensure there was enough space in her 600-square-foot home to entertain.

‘I knew she likes red and roses and I didn’t want to give her anything too granny-looking,’ says Verdolaga. ‘I wanted it to be tasteful and not trendy. To give her something fresh and inspiring.’

Verdolaga says he considers himself fortunate he was given a blank slate. Many times, clients ask interior designers to work with pieces they already own.

Verdolaga says his client had many fine antiques, but she gave them to her daughter, preferring to have a completely fresh start.

For the bedroom, he chose Brian Gluckstein bedding and a large red floral print as artwork behind the bed. In the living room, the main focal point is the view of Queen Elizabeth Park, so Verdolaga didn’t want to compete with it. Most of the furnishings in this room were economical and came from Ikea.

‘People don’t think of designing senior homes. They’re like a hospital room – not inspiring at all. It can get depressing. But you can bring personality into these homes if you put some thought into it.’

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