Dear George,

Thank you for your care and attention to all the details in making my home special and something I am very proud of. From the moment we met I realized you had a passion for your work. I appreciate how you were able to help me understand what I wanted for my home. I am amazed at how you and your team were able to take my vision and come up with many options for me to consider, as well as meet my budget.

The process in coordinating the paint colors, to the selection of lights, carpets, furniture and accessories such as art work and plants has made my home very comfortable and relaxing. I now have friends and neighbors over to my home regularly to enjoy conversation and many laughs.

I cannot thank you enough for how many times you have taken my phone calls and came to my home to ensure everything was meeting my expectations.

George, you have become a good friend and I look forward to watching you achieve your goal of becoming one of the top designers in our city.

Most appreciatively,

Chuck Grossholz
Optimum Strategies Inc.


Dear George,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your hard work and inspired approach in helping us to reinvent our space. Upon taking possession of our townhouse late in the summer of 2005, it became abundantly clear that there needed to be some significant updates to our architecturally challenged home. After meeting with several contractors and designers that had been referred to us, you turned out to be the right candidate as you showed not only an intuitive understanding of our aesthetic goal, but also a genuine appreciation for what we wanted to ultimately accomplish.

As well, I quickly recognized that you were the consummate professional, which was extremely important in hindsight given how minimal our ability was to deal with the day to day details of the project. Although I have spent my fair share of time “decorating” our other homes, there is simply no comparison as to what we were able to accomplish with the help of someone your caliber. Over the one-year span of the project, you were able to:

• Provide insight that reflected your broad range of design experience.
• Create options that I would never have considered or have had the time to search out or shop
• Give concrete direction to our project when the ceiling of complexity became unnecessarily too high.
• Orchestrate all of the contracting work so that it met our budget, time and quality expectations… (as well as yours)
• Take responsibility for our entire budget to ensure that all of the pieces (design fee, labour, materials, furniture, etc) prudently supported our project coming to fruition.

Throughout the project, you were extremely respectful of our needs and became an invaluable ally when we were faced with some unforeseen challenges associated with our building structure. I believe that your sincerity, kindness and patience are critical for a design professional who gives advice that has significant ramifications on the quality and lifestyle of the ones we love.

I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who is committed to taking a professional approach to designing their home.


Izumi Miki McGruer
Director of Business Development
Freedom 55 Financial

Dear George,

I’d like to thank you for doing an excellent job on my house. I’m happy we got together to discuss ideas and possible solutions as my wife and I were not certain as to how to move forward with the changes we wanted to make.

I like how you were able to guide us through the process and help us create a color scheme that we were very pleased with. You were a big help, and we appreciate your professionalism, care and creative input throughout the project. If I would have chosen colors myself, like I have done so often in the past, it would have not have had the same impact. Because of your input, my wife and I are now able to enjoy the experience of being in my home everyday and relaxing in the cozy environment you created.

Many people have visited and made positive comments regarding the results of your work and can’t believe how great the place looks now. We would love to work with you again in the future. Good luck and we wish you more success in your future endeavors.

Yours truly,

Greg Lam

Dear George,

Having worked with you over the past 8 years has given me firsthand experience in world class interior design. Your ideas are unique and sophisticated. I personally like your easy and straightforward style. You brings excellent communication and coordination skills to the table, in addition to some very creative approaches to solving various layout and design issues.

The highlight of working with you comes from seeing the exquisitely finished product and having highly satisfied clients who come back for more. Your books, talks and seminars on design makes me trust you even more. It is always a delight to work with you and I highly recommend your services to anyone looking to enhance the comfort and visual appeal of their home and increase its resale value.


Hans Haest
Hans Haest Painting and Contracting


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