This 2,400 square foot two level penthouse suite in Richmond was completely gutted and underwent extensive renovation. Old carpets were removed to give way to new high-end laminate and porcelain tile floors on the ground floor and new carpet on the second floor. The family room was eliminated to create a showpiece kitchen twice the original size, which now includes a new island counter incorporating a new wine fridge. New quartz countertops and backsplashes are complemented by new stainless steel appliances. Walls came down and a fireplace was removed to create an open plan ground floor space. Old stair railings were removed to give way to modern glass railing.  The master bedroom ensuite was doubled in size and now incorporate s a new double-sink, powder room and walk-in closet. New outdoor brick pavers were installed in the patio.  Walls have been painted in a very light dove grey shade and a few accent walls in the living room and master bedroom feature Zaha Hadid wallpaper from Marburg.



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