My Home – “Mid-Century Pizzaz”

If you’re like most people who’ve attempted to renovate or redecorate on their own, you’ll probably have gone through a familiar exercise – spending entire weekends visiting countless stores and examining various pieces of furniture, lighting & accessories.

You may have even brought a partner along to help you decide, only to discover that this doesn’t make the process any easier, but more complicated. In fact, you’ll come to realize that: (1) You and your partner, or friend, may have vastly dissimilar tastes and opinions, (2) You’re not making much progress because you don’t really know what you’re looking for, and (3) The few pieces that you and your partner have finally agreed on – and have come back for – are now sold, and worse, discontinued.

Partners in real life as well as in business, Jason and Larisa Finnis are one such couple from Vancouver who tried to decorate on their own. Both wanted to create a warm and inviting space to relax and entertain guests. Their space had to accommodate a growing family and also be cat-friendly.

“I first hired a designer who wasn’t really formally educated and was one of those part-time decorators”, says Jason. “It turned out that she didn’t have a clue as to what we wanted or what she was doing.” After letting her go and doing their own decorating for a bit, they began to feel less and less comfortable about the wisdom of their own decisions and finally decided to get professional help.

By the time they called George Verdolaga of Flowform Design Group, they had already bought furniture for their dining room. As they were a bit unsure what style or design to go for, George recommended using their Noguchi coffee table as a starting point and proceeded to search for similarly styled pieces from the 50s and 60s that would complement this classic mid-century piece of furniture.

“We decided to complement the mid-century theme with some oriental pieces,” shares George. Upon entering the foyer of their home, one is greeted by a serene composition of a Chinese console table from Moe’s Home and an octagonal mirror from the Bombay Company set against a sky blue accent wall. Warm beige walls envelope this efficiently laid-out space.

To lend a 70s vibe to the space, a white rug from Ikea, which looks similar to the fur of their cat, was placed under the glass coffee table. “To fully expand on the mid-century theme, we imported a couch and a matching pair of side chairs from Crate and Barrel in the U.S.” he continues. Ceramic and coffee table books serve as interesting tablescape accessories. A set of 3 paintings from the Bombay Company replaced their own artwork in the dining area, which they moved to the fireplace.

Immediately to the right of the living room is the kitchen with Craftsman-style cabinetry, stainless steel appliances and a granite countertop. “I love this part of the house,” says Larisa. “We both love to entertain. Our business, which has grown steadily over the years, is now giving us more freedom to spend more quality time at home and also think about growing our family.”

A few steps away from the living room is the dining area, furnished with a dark brown table, chairs and a sideboard. A brid sculpture made of soapstone, which is one of the owners’ art pieces, adds a touch of whimsy.

“Larisa and I are both very pleased we chose Flowform,” says Jason. “We are 100% satisfied with the process. We’ve had many compliments and even though I try to take the credit myself, Larisa always corrects me and credits George and the rest of the people from Flowform Design”.



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