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George Verdolaga is a Vancouver-based who has worked in New York and Milan before establishing Flowform design Group Ltd. in 2002 to provide interior design consulting and project management services to clients. His designs have been featured in SPECTACULAR HOMES OF WESTERN CANADA, which is a showcase of Western Canada’s top designers and the homes they’ve worked on.

His clients are usually self-employed professionals or business owners who favor clean and minimalist designs that George is known for. His company creates “unique residential spaces” that suit each client’s particular taste and lifestyle.

The company itself takes on a limited number of clients each year. His list of satisfied client comes from a broad spectrum of high- and middle income Lower Mainland addresses, from Collingwood and Strathcona, to Shaughnessy, Coal Harbour, North Vancouver and also Richmond.

Living Today recently had this refreshing conversation with George:

Mel: Did you have any mentors?

George: A favorite aunt who lived in Vancouver, and who recently passed away. And another favorite aunt who used to live and work in New York, who’s also passed away.

Mel: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

George: Looking back, I never imagined that I would end up traveling or even living away from home. When I finished high school, I was uncertain of what to do so I took up Economics. Interior design was my third degree. I had an opportunity to run an education business for about 7 hyears. Then I decided to go back to my roots and enrolled in an interior design course at the PSID (Philippine School of Interior Design). On my second year, I decided that I wanted to be an international designer based outside of the Philippines.

Mel: Did your dreams come true?

George: Yes they have. The starting point of my career was with Sawaya and Moroni in Milan, Italy. I learned about furniture and the retail side of the busienss. But I realized that Italy is not an easy country to start a business and there is also a language barrier. A chance meeting led me to Dorf Associates in New YOrk, a restaurant design firm doing projects for the Walt Disney Company. After working with them, I returned to the Philippines and decided to establish a base in Vancouver.

Mel: Do you have a philosophy or a mission statement when you are creating your designs?

George: I have a three-fold philosophy. First, there has to be function. The space has to work according to the client’s vision and lifestyle. The design has to look good and must be functional. Second it the project must meed the deadline and budget requirements of the client. Being a project manager, I am in control of costs. I am unique in the design profession because I choose the materials and finishes and also control the budget. Third I make sure that the client is happy throughout the experience and make sure to pay attention to all the little details.


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