Framing is just as important as the art. When it comes to art, you’ll be surprised to learn that classical or traditional interiors tend to be more flexible in that they can accommodate any type of art (and style of framing) than modern interiors as long as the appropriate type of frame is used. Landscapes and portraits done in oil that use hand-carved frames in gold leaf, for instance, would tend to look out of place in a modern home. However, photographs that use a plain and simple black metal or wooden frame don’t look totally out of place in a rustic-type or very traditional interior.

Fabulous Interiors & Clothing from The Great Gatsby Movie (2013)

"The Great Gatsby" is a book by F. Scott Fitzgerland set in the midst of the roaring 20s. It's the story about the rise and fall of James Gatz, who is born a poor Midwesterner and falls in love with a woman who marries someone else while he is in Europe during the war.  Determined to reinvent


Design Lessons From the Most Expensive House in the U.S.

The most expensive house in the U.S. is currently the Crespi/Hicks estate on #5555 Walnut Hill Lane, Dallas, Texas. Currently valued at $ 135 million USD,  it’s a 29,000 square foot home built on a 25-acre lot owned by Tom and Cinda Hicks. This couple spent almost a decade and nearly $ 100


Prepare For Your First Meeting

So you’ve finally taken the first step and called an Interior Designer to discuss your needs and wants. Here’s what you should do to get ready for that first meeting: (1) Gather images of what you’d like your home to look like – An interior designer is not a mind reader and will not