Art: Modern or classic?

Art is a very highly personal choice, and I tend to advise clients to go with whatever they please. Collectors typically stick to one type of subject matter or style of art. In general, black and white photographs and abstracts tend to look well-suited for more contemporary interiors, while pastels and oils of landscapes and portrait paintings are usually ideal for more traditional or classic interiors although there are exceptions to the rule (your interior design consultant will know when to follow – or break – these rules so it’s worth asking their opinion in this regard).

Remember that when it comes to art, the choice of picture frame is an important consideration. Make sure the type of frame goes well with the subject matter and style of painting and that it somehow coordinates with your interior. Although it’s possible to mix and match art with framing and interior styles, it’s very tricky thing to do and may require the advice of a professional framing or interior design consultant.

If you look at the artwork on the left you’ll notice that it”s a watercolor depiction of a woman against a pale blue sky. The artist has given it a very contemporary twist by doing an oversized portrait of the subject matter, cutting off her head and torso, orienting the picture sideways and leaving the painting unframed. The paintings on the right depict pastoral scenes in oil and with gilded frames, which are highly suited for classical interiors.











Modern Art Photo by Gambar Rumah

Classic Art photo by UggBoy

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